On February 5th, 2008 - Vote 'NO' on Meausure H

On February 5th, 2008 - Vote 'NO' on Measure H

Development of this 622-acre Valley is Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars to Four People

The Loss of this Valley will Permanently Impact Generations to Come

In our town of Rocklin, at the end of Rawhide, the planned development of Clover Valley is in the process of being reviewed by the City of Rocklin. The project plan is to build 558 more homes and 5 acres of commercial buildings on one most pristine areas remaining in Rocklin. Numerous wildlife still roam this land. Wetland and hundred year old oaks abound in this area. Remnants of the Native Americans that once lived here are evident in the grinding stones that still exist. If you look hard enough, you can envision what this land looked like hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Here’s are some of the facts concerning this project:
  • 558 Residential Homes and 5 acres of commercial buildings will be built on 622 acres of pristine land.
  • 7,000 year old Pre-Historic Sites, of which 33 of them Qualified for the National Registry of Historic Places, will be Lost to obscurity
  • Over 7400 Oak Trees will be destroyed by the new Development
  • The Clover Valley Development will extend Park Drive across Clover Valley to Sierra College Blvd. carrying 14,000 cars a day
  • Park Drive will become the new Highway 80 to Hwy. 65 Connection with majority of the 14,000 cars a day going thru Stanford Ranch and Whitney Oaks!
  • Unknown Flood/Water Quality/Water Shortage implications to our community due to Wetland, Tree and Vegetation removal (1.5 million cubic yards of earth = filling NINE (9) football stadiums, 100 feet high)
  • Loss of Wildlife Habitat including the endangered swainson hawk, western pond turtle and steelhead
  • Air Pollution from the projected 14,000 cars from this development
  • Bumper to Bumper Traffic from the projected 14,000 cars from this development

Because existing Sewer Lines can accommodate only 180 more new homes in the surrounding area of the proposed project, a new sewer line will have to be built. Here is the projected impact to the streets of Rawhide, Clover Valley, Midas, Union and Argonaut


“No Guarantees” from the Rocklin City Council that the Rawhide gate is permanent, opening up the probability of major traffic congestion (2000 additional cars) on the streets of Rawhide, Clover Valley, Midas and Argonaut.

Ultimately it will be up to those who represent us (our city council), or work for us (our 'planners') to stop the project, but they have so far indicated their determination to side with the developer. We have sufficiently empowered our council to improve on past decisions, and we expect them to make an effort to reflect the evolving sentiment of our fast changing community. This is a very big, permanent decision for Rocklin. It's a decision that should reflect the will of its residents, not just fuel a development company with another project.

Clover Valley is the last such natural environment in the city. Once we lose it, we will never again have the rare opportunity we have today. We can imagine school field trips where children learn biology, botany, environmental science, and Indian history first hand. A place where the scouts go to earn merit badges and to learn about nature. A place where our parents and grandparents go to stroll, enjoy the peace, appreciate the life. We can imagine a partnership with Sierra College professors; an outdoor learning center with seating for a class; an outdoor stage where music could be played at sunset.

We as citizens of this town must set the standards for what our community will be like 10 years from now. Will we allow our town to become another nameless city that is indistinguishable from the next, with wall to wall houses and traffic gridlock? Or, will we have pride in a city that was able to balance development and the preservation of our open spaces?

We hope you will join us in voicing your opinions about this project.

We can make a difference.

The City Council is Supposed to Represent the Will of the People they Represent

Make Them Accountable in November

Council Members of Rocklin, Calif - (916) 625-5560

Kath Lund - Council Member - 916 624-0764

Bret Storey - Mayor - Will be Up for Re-election in November of 2008 -  916 632-9119

Peter Hill - Vice Mayor - Will be Up for Re-election in November of 2008 - 916 624-3185

George Magnuson - Council Member - Will be Up for Re-election in November of 2008 - 916 624-1119

Scott Yuill - Council Member - 916) 435-8080

Our Vision for Clover Valley

Our vision of Clover Valley: A preserve, a living-California museum model (Geological, Ecological, Anthropological, Historical), with non-invasive, very low impact trail systems with interpretive stations and educational components. Rocklin will earn revenue from tourist dollars, its property values will soar and we will have pride in a city that was able to balance growth and the preservation of special places like Clover Valley.

What you Can Do

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